Honky Kong Customs is the creative outlet for Austin, TX based artist, Ian Hall. 


Ian’s words:

HKC began simply as a way for me to repurpose the pile of motorcycle parts I had accumulated in my own personal collection after various motorcycle modifications and rebuilds of new and vintage bikes.  I couldn’t stand the thought of just sending these parts to the scrap bin, as I still saw function and beauty in each piece, so I began creating intersting lamps and clocks for use in my own home.  As friends and family saw my work (some gearheads like myself, others art fans, and one interior designer), they made requests for me to create more for themselves or as gifts for others, and demanded that I make them available for sale to the public.  I quickly exhausted my personal supply of parts and have resorted to digging through salvage yards, the scrap piles of local motorcycle shops, and in some cases, literally climbing into dumpsters in search of that next interesting piece.

I love giving otherwise abondoned pieces of the motorcycle experience a second life, to be enjoyed by even the non-motorcyclist.  My greatest source of pride regarding my work comes from the compliments I recieve from those non-motorcyclists, as I intend to create pieces that look and feel good  in any room of any home.  Besides being bona fide gearhead, I am also a formally educated Mechanical Engineer, former Lighting Design Engineer, and a new daddy, all of which I believe help give me a unique, and sligtly softer and possibly more refined, approach to this work which some call ‘industrial art’.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Take a look around, enjoy, and contact me anytime with questions or comments.